Thursday, November 19, 2015

H&M nail polish - Mauve On Up

H&M has recently renewed their whole make-up line, and I have to admit it looks pretty good. 
Hands up for the people who are behind the nail polish shelf, because it´s gorgeous!
I mean, how the colors are organized is very pleasing to the eye, and you want to get every single one.
To be honest I was a little bit skeptical, hence why I got only one to try. It took me quite a while to decide which one and in the end "Mauve on up" got to go home with me. 
The nail polish is smooth and the brush is very easy to apply with. Two coats gives you opaque coverage. I´m definitely going back for more. 

"Mauve on up" is a true mauve. Not too purple not too beige.

Have you tried anything from the new H&M make-up line? 
What´s worth getting?

xoxo Alexa J.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Few weeks ago I started beauty school, and today I learned something interesting.
That you should not massage/rub on acne/pimples, because that just aggravates and spreada it.
For a long time I've been thinking about getting a Clarisonic, but I was hesitant because there are so many mixed reviews. Now I know why. A Clarosonic will not suit my skin, because I do have a litlle bit of acne. But if you have I clear skin but struggle with clogged pores it will work for you very well.
The same goes for scrubs. On a skin with acne it's better to use an enzyme/acid peeling, not a peeling with particles/grains that you need to massage, for the same reasons.

I'm not an expert yet, I've just started.
But I thought this would be helpful.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Empties #1: body lotion

Hi guys.
So lately I've been trying to be good at moisturizing my whole body after getting out of the shower. This means I now spend more time in the bathroom, and use up my body lotions/butters a lot faster.
One that I've used up lately is the Deep Moisture body lotion from Neutrogena Norwegian Formula. (Oddly you can't get it in Norway, hmmm...)
This body lotion is AMAZING! I love it!
It gives a lot of moisture, but it absorbs very well. The day after your skin is silky smooth. It has a pleasant, normal body lotion smell, nothing fancy, which I like. 
I will definitely repurchase it, when I'm in Poland or somewhere else they sell it. 
Also it's very functional with the pump, to a certain point. In the end I struggled a little bit, until I gave up and just cut the top off to get the last bit out. 

Hope you liked my little review, there's more coming. ;)

Update: They sell it now at Boots here in Norway, yey!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Yesterday I watched the Oscar winning movie Lincoln, which is based on the last year of Abraham Lincoln’s life.  I feel it’s an important movie to watch and it actually made me cry a few times and I just wanted to share with you two quotes/scenes from the movie that really spoke to me.

Thaddeus Stevens speaks to The House:

How can I hold that all men are created equal when here before me stands stinking, the moral carcass of the gentleman from Ohio, proof that some men ARE inferior, endowed by their maker with dim wits impermeable to reason with cold, pallid slime in their veins instead of hot blood! You are more reptile than man, Mr. Pendleton, so low and flat that the foot of man is incapable of crushing you! Yet even YOU, Pendleton, who should have been gibbetted for treason long before today, even worthless, unworthy you deserve to be treated equally before the law! And so again, I say that I do not hold with equality in all things, only with equality before the law!

Lincoln to his wife Mary about grief:

I couldn't tolerate you grieving so for Willie because I couldn't permit it in myself, though I wanted to, Mary. I wanted to crawl under the earth, into the vault with his coffin. I still do. Every day I do. Don't speak to me about grief. 
I must make my decisions, Bob must make his, you yours. And bear what we must, hold and carry what we must. What I carry within me, you must allow me to do it, alone as I must. And you alone, Mary, you alone may lighten this burden, or render it intolerable. As you choose.

xoxo Alexa J.


Honesty and trying harder

When starting this blog I had some goals I wanted to reach with it. First of all I wanted to explore my creativity by making interesting content; photographing, writing etc. I wanted it to make myself better at those things by having an outlet and a reason to do them more often. This place was meant to be somewhere where I could share my interests, my passions and my work, with whoever that would be interested.
But so far I’ve failed at achieving any of that.
Every day I get inspired by all the amazing people in this world and it would take me my lifetime to appreciate each of them as they should be and I still would not have appreciated them enough. I admit that sometimes my little brain gets confused and gets envious and jealous, only sometimes. But what that leaves me with is a feeling of failure and emptiness. I feel like I’m worth nothing, what have I done that’s worth to be appreciated? Am I good at anything? Am I inspiring, interesting, am I worth looking up to?

“A real loser is someone who’s so afraid of not winning he doesn’t even try”
Grandpa, Little Miss Sunshine

Loser, according to this quote, that’s exactly what I’ve been. With a dash of laziness in it too I suppose. That’s my conclusion and now I have to remember to not be afraid. To do what I want to do. And whatever dreams or goals I might have, I have to pursue them. But I have to work hard to get to my goals, to make my dreams come true. Practice makes master.

Note to self: Don’t be a loser!

Friday, March 13, 2015

home library


Yes, I'm one of those girls.
I'm dreaming of a house where I can have an office/library filled with books and all kinds of random stuff.
And I love looking at pictures of such places; I even have a whole pinboard dedicated to books and everything book related.
There's just something so magical about them and life without them would be so boring.

picture source: pinterest

xoxo Alexa J.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Say you love me

When paying a visit to my family in Poland recently, I fell in love with Jessie Ware.
My cousing had the song "Say you love me" playing in her car when we were driving somewhere and the song stuck in my head. Next time we drove her car the song was on repeat.
Since then I've checked out some more of her music.
I must admit that her songs, at least the three I've been listening to most, "Say you love me", "Wildest moments" and "Tough Love", could easily be included on the soundtrack for "50 Shades of Gray". Because the lyricks fit perfectly. In fact she has one song on there, "Meet me in the middle", but it doesn't make my top 3 Jessie Ware list.
Which is:

1. Say you love me

2. Wildest momets
(I adore her outfit in this)

3. Tough Love

what Jessie Ware songs do you like?

xoxo Alexa J.