Thursday, August 27, 2015


Few weeks ago I started beauty school, and today I learned something interesting.
That you should not massage/rub on acne/pimples, because that just aggravates and spreada it.
For a long time I've been thinking about getting a Clarisonic, but I was hesitant because there are so many mixed reviews. Now I know why. A Clarosonic will not suit my skin, because I do have a litlle bit of acne. But if you have I clear skin but struggle with clogged pores it will work for you very well.
The same goes for scrubs. On a skin with acne it's better to use an enzyme/acid peeling, not a peeling with particles/grains that you need to massage, for the same reasons.

I'm not an expert yet, I've just started.
But I thought this would be helpful.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Empties #1: body lotion

Hi guys.
So lately I've been trying to be good at moisturizing my whole body after getting out of the shower. This means I now spend more time in the bathroom, and use up my body lotions/butters a lot faster.
One that I've used up lately is the Deep Moisture body lotion from Neutrogena Norwegian Formula. (Oddly you can't get it in Norway, hmmm...)
This body lotion is AMAZING! I love it!
It gives a lot of moisture, but it absorbs very well. The day after your skin is silky smooth. It has a pleasant, normal body lotion smell, nothing fancy, which I like. 
I will definitely repurchase it, when I'm in Poland or somewhere else they sell it. 
Also it's very functional with the pump, to a certain point. In the end I struggled a little bit, until I gave up and just cut the top off to get the last bit out. 

Hope you liked my little review, there's more coming. ;)

Update: They sell it now at Boots here in Norway, yey!!!