Thursday, December 5, 2013


Just to take a little brake from posting about nails I wanted to introduce you to my cat.
Her name is Pusia, pretty standard cat name in Poland, and she is the most beautiful cat I've ever seen.
She lives with my parents and I love to cuddle with her as much as I can when I'm there.
Last time I also took some pictures while we were decorating the tree outside since it was December the 1st.


Pusia #2

Pusia #3

 Thank you so much for reading :)
Alexa J.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Lady Like & Some Enchanted Evening

Ever since Ingrid (missglamorazzi) mentioned this combination in one of her videos, I wanted it.
This summer I finally got my hands on both of these beauties, 
Deborah Lippmann's 'Some Enchanted Evening' and Essie's 'Lady Like'.

Lady Like is such a beautiful natural, soft colour. I love how it makes my hands look, so
lady like, hahaha, sofisticated and delicate.

essie - lady like (two coats)

Some Enchanted Evening adds just that something something to the manicure.
Honestly I can't stop looking at my hands when I have it on. Especially in the sunlight.
This combination is perfect for those special events like summer weddings and prom.
It's so soft and not in your face while it's still something special.

lady like & some enchanted evening

Hope you like this post ;)
Alexa J.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chalk Dust

Chalk Dust is the other nail polish that I have from Maybelline's Polka Dots collection
and it is the one with clear base.
Having that in mind I figured I need to put it on top of a coloured nail polish and started looking through my polishes to find the perfect mach.
When I came over Inglot's 307, I immediately thought, this is it, it's perfect.
Do you know why, because it reminded me of bees, yellow, black and white.
Of course you can put it on top of whatever colour you want to but I thought this bee theme would be cute.

 Two coats of 307 by Inglot. You can see that it is darker by my cuticles, it was more visible in real life

 So I decided to put one more coat on. This is how three coats look like.

You can only do one nail with Chalk Dust to add something extra to your mani,
or go all the way and paint all your nails with it. Both work great.

What do you think? Do like Chalk Dust?
xoxo Alex J.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rain forest canopy


Maybelline's Rain Forest Canopy is a teal green jelly based polish with black and white 
"glitter" particles in it. They're not really glitter particles because they are not shiny, which, glitter usually is.
This type of polishes have been around the blogosphere for a while but only recently have 
become a thing to do by the more known beauty companies.
As far as I know, both Barry M and Nails Inc. have some like these.
In this particular Maybelline collection that is called Color Show Polka Dots there are five naipolishes, i think.
Four with coloured bases and one with a clear base.
Just recently I managed to find two of them in an H&M near me.
I was thinking about getting them but after looking at them for a while I passed on it
and thought I would come for them later if I still wanted them.
And I did, the next day I was in Oslo and thought I would buy them there, but, I couldn't find them anywhere
so I ended up going back to the same H&M and getting them there.

two coats

three coats

three coats

Two coats looked good, but I wanted to see how three coats looked and personally I prefer it that way.

What do you think about this type of polishes? Do you like it?
Have you seen these in stores?
xoxo Alex J.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

for Audrey

China Glaze's 'for Audrey' is a true Tiffany Blue nail polish.
It's opaque in two coats, but you need to be careful not to use too many strokes.
Three, even and quick strokes (one in the middle then one on each side) seems to work the best. 
Make sure you have enough polish on the brush. 
I really like this types of colours that are teal/blue/turquoise.
I don't know, there is something about them, magic!

Hope you enjoyed this little NOTD post.
How has your day been?
xoxo Alex J.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

across the universe dupe

When I first bought ‘blue addicted’ by essence 
I thought it looked very similar to Deborah Lippmann’s ‘Across the Universe’. Since I never had seen
 ‘Across the Universe’ in real life I couldn’t really compare them.

I was considering buying ‘Across the Universe’ for a while, 
ever since I read this post on, but the one thing that was making me
 not buy it was the price. So when I saw it for 50% off on 
(unfortunately the sale is over now, but don’t worry, keep reading) I had to get it. 
Now I finally could compare ‘blue addicted’ to it, 
and surprise, surprise, they are very, very similar. 

two coats

three coats

If you look at these pictures you can’t really tell that the nails are painted every other nail with two different
 nail polishes, unless you have an eagle eye.

There are two differences, but they are hard to notice if you don’t look close for them. First of all ‘Across
 the Universe’ has more glitter in it, the glitter is more compact than in ‘blue addicted. One point to ‘Across the Universe’.
Second of all ‘blue addicted’ has a darker and more opaque base, which also means you need less coats to cover your nail and make the smile line invisible. Even after three coats of ‘Across the Universe’ you still can see the smile line a little bit. One point goes to ‘blue addicted’ 

Essence is a European brand now available in Europe and US (at Ulta and Walgreens). Deborah Lippmann is also available in US and Europe. But I think it’s cheaper to buy it online than in a real store if you live in Europe. As I already said, I got mine from ‘Blue addicted’ is so much cheaper than ‘Across the Universe’ and definitely worth trying out to get a feeling of if you even going to like it. It is for you to decide, but at least now you know about the alternatives that are out there.

Thank you for reading.
Can you see a difference?
Share your opinion in the comments.

xoxo Alex J.