Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Honesty and trying harder

When starting this blog I had some goals I wanted to reach with it. First of all I wanted to explore my creativity by making interesting content; photographing, writing etc. I wanted it to make myself better at those things by having an outlet and a reason to do them more often. This place was meant to be somewhere where I could share my interests, my passions and my work, with whoever that would be interested.
But so far I’ve failed at achieving any of that.
Every day I get inspired by all the amazing people in this world and it would take me my lifetime to appreciate each of them as they should be and I still would not have appreciated them enough. I admit that sometimes my little brain gets confused and gets envious and jealous, only sometimes. But what that leaves me with is a feeling of failure and emptiness. I feel like I’m worth nothing, what have I done that’s worth to be appreciated? Am I good at anything? Am I inspiring, interesting, am I worth looking up to?

“A real loser is someone who’s so afraid of not winning he doesn’t even try”
Grandpa, Little Miss Sunshine

Loser, according to this quote, that’s exactly what I’ve been. With a dash of laziness in it too I suppose. That’s my conclusion and now I have to remember to not be afraid. To do what I want to do. And whatever dreams or goals I might have, I have to pursue them. But I have to work hard to get to my goals, to make my dreams come true. Practice makes master.

Note to self: Don’t be a loser!

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