Thursday, August 27, 2015


Few weeks ago I started beauty school, and today I learned something interesting.
That you should not massage/rub on acne/pimples, because that just aggravates and spreada it.
For a long time I've been thinking about getting a Clarisonic, but I was hesitant because there are so many mixed reviews. Now I know why. A Clarosonic will not suit my skin, because I do have a litlle bit of acne. But if you have I clear skin but struggle with clogged pores it will work for you very well.
The same goes for scrubs. On a skin with acne it's better to use an enzyme/acid peeling, not a peeling with particles/grains that you need to massage, for the same reasons.

I'm not an expert yet, I've just started.
But I thought this would be helpful.

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