Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chalk Dust

Chalk Dust is the other nail polish that I have from Maybelline's Polka Dots collection
and it is the one with clear base.
Having that in mind I figured I need to put it on top of a coloured nail polish and started looking through my polishes to find the perfect mach.
When I came over Inglot's 307, I immediately thought, this is it, it's perfect.
Do you know why, because it reminded me of bees, yellow, black and white.
Of course you can put it on top of whatever colour you want to but I thought this bee theme would be cute.

 Two coats of 307 by Inglot. You can see that it is darker by my cuticles, it was more visible in real life

 So I decided to put one more coat on. This is how three coats look like.

You can only do one nail with Chalk Dust to add something extra to your mani,
or go all the way and paint all your nails with it. Both work great.

What do you think? Do like Chalk Dust?
xoxo Alex J.


  1. This is brilliant! For some reason I wanna try it with a lilac base coat.

  2. Sv: Helt enig. Jeg har alltid likt å ha et ryddig og fint skap. Husker da jeg var rundt 7-8 år at hele skapet var lilla klær som han pent etter hverandre.
    Jeg elsker inglot! Er så bra.