Tuesday, September 3, 2013

across the universe dupe

When I first bought ‘blue addicted’ by essence 
I thought it looked very similar to Deborah Lippmann’s ‘Across the Universe’. Since I never had seen
 ‘Across the Universe’ in real life I couldn’t really compare them.

I was considering buying ‘Across the Universe’ for a while, 
ever since I read this post on chloesnails.blogspot.com, but the one thing that was making me
 not buy it was the price. So when I saw it for 50% off on beatubay.com 
(unfortunately the sale is over now, but don’t worry, keep reading) I had to get it. 
Now I finally could compare ‘blue addicted’ to it, 
and surprise, surprise, they are very, very similar. 

two coats

three coats

If you look at these pictures you can’t really tell that the nails are painted every other nail with two different
 nail polishes, unless you have an eagle eye.

There are two differences, but they are hard to notice if you don’t look close for them. First of all ‘Across
 the Universe’ has more glitter in it, the glitter is more compact than in ‘blue addicted. One point to ‘Across the Universe’.
Second of all ‘blue addicted’ has a darker and more opaque base, which also means you need less coats to cover your nail and make the smile line invisible. Even after three coats of ‘Across the Universe’ you still can see the smile line a little bit. One point goes to ‘blue addicted’ 

Essence is a European brand now available in Europe and US (at Ulta and Walgreens). Deborah Lippmann is also available in US and Europe. But I think it’s cheaper to buy it online than in a real store if you live in Europe. As I already said, I got mine from beautybay.com. ‘Blue addicted’ is so much cheaper than ‘Across the Universe’ and definitely worth trying out to get a feeling of if you even going to like it. It is for you to decide, but at least now you know about the alternatives that are out there.

Thank you for reading.
Can you see a difference?
Share your opinion in the comments.

xoxo Alex J.


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