Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rain forest canopy


Maybelline's Rain Forest Canopy is a teal green jelly based polish with black and white 
"glitter" particles in it. They're not really glitter particles because they are not shiny, which, glitter usually is.
This type of polishes have been around the blogosphere for a while but only recently have 
become a thing to do by the more known beauty companies.
As far as I know, both Barry M and Nails Inc. have some like these.
In this particular Maybelline collection that is called Color Show Polka Dots there are five naipolishes, i think.
Four with coloured bases and one with a clear base.
Just recently I managed to find two of them in an H&M near me.
I was thinking about getting them but after looking at them for a while I passed on it
and thought I would come for them later if I still wanted them.
And I did, the next day I was in Oslo and thought I would buy them there, but, I couldn't find them anywhere
so I ended up going back to the same H&M and getting them there.

two coats

three coats

three coats

Two coats looked good, but I wanted to see how three coats looked and personally I prefer it that way.

What do you think about this type of polishes? Do you like it?
Have you seen these in stores?
xoxo Alex J.


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