Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Here are some pictures from Øyafestivalen (Oslo). I was there with my best friend Amanda. I had the best time of my life, but my ears were hurting, I thought there were going to fall off. Hahah xD.
I'm sorry that I'm posting this so late and for the bad quality of the pictures, but i needed to take them with my iPhone becouse it was forbidden to take your camera with you inside :( 

(I was there only :( on thursday)


Signing in progress (Kråkesølv)

Kristoffer (in green t-shirt) wrote my name with x when it's with ks, but he corrected that and it looks a little bit messy

Lars Vaular


cute bears throwing balloons at us (are they bears or monkeys? I'm not sure...)

Surfer Blood

Yeasayer (I love them)

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  1. re: ja, det er veldig fint! man blir så glad av å se på det. det fine lyset og det fine smilet og de søte krøllene. fin fyr, veldig fin fyr.